who’s this guy anyways?

My name’s Justin and from an early age I was told stories. True stories, false stories, bed time stories, play ground war stories, and some completely-out-of-this-world-crazy stories. Regardless of what the story was I quickly caught on to the fact that the best stories were the ones I could relate to.

Story telling is considered by some to be the best form of communication. No matter the medium, despite any language barrier, stories can always be heard if you keep your eyes and ears wide open. If the storyteller believes in his story, as in, really puts his heart and soul into it, then other people will believe it too. That’s the best part.

The story becomes much more than just a story.

That’s my passion.


Whether it’s lending some one my ear, or helping another out in telling their unique tale.

I love telling everyone around about the best stories.